Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday, Jamie!

Eight years ago, Shawn and I welcomed our first child into this world. There were many times in our early married life that I thought we would never be able to have a baby as we struggled with some infertility. Then after going six days past my due date, laboring for 24 hours, waiting another agonizing 40 minutes after delivery (Jamie swallowed meconium upon birth, so the NICU team worked on him for a bit), I was in disbelief when I finally held my baby boy in my arms.

Looking at you today, Jamie, I am in disbelief once again that you are that same sweet (BIG!) baby I held eight years ago. I cannot see any of that baby in you anymore. Now I can see glimpses of the young man you are becoming. Your current passions are soccer, reading (and I love that you are engrossed in both Charlotte's Web and The Wizard of Oz - you are so like your mother and grandmother in that you read more than one book at a time!), Manchester Monarchs hockey, and Star Wars (particularly Star Wars Legos). You thrive at school, love to be active, and are better than I am at most puzzles and games. For the most part (*grin*), you are an attentive, patient older brother to all your little siblings. You and Violet especially have a beautiful bond, and you are so sweet to your baby sister.

We are so proud of you, James Michael, and we love you so much! Happy Birthday!


Aunt Joan said...

Happy Birthday, Jamie!! You and cousin Madilyn share the same day- though you are 5 years older than she!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday & all your dreams came true!! Love, Great Aunt Joan & Great Uncle Steve

nichole said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jamie!

Christina and Tee Jay said...

I couldn't help, when reading this post, to say out loud to Tee Jay, "Ohhhhhhh... I love that kid!" He's too cute for words - even at the old age of 8.