Monday, September 25, 2006

Trying New Things

I have been complaining that Clare has stalled when it comes to her gross motor skills. She loves to sit and roll, but forget crawling, pulling up, walking, or even getting from a laying down position to a sitting position.

At Clare's OT session last week, I discussed our concerns with Jessica. She agreed with me. Clare is doing amazing with her speech and fine motor skills. The big thing (in relation to fine motor skills) Jessica was concerned about at Clare's evaluation in June was that Clare wasn't releasing objects. Now Clare takes objects in and out of buckets, boxes, that kind of thing. She will hand you a toy if you ask her for it. Clare is learning her animal sounds and will respond with "moos" and "neighs" when you ask her what the cow and horse say. She even has her own version of "quack." She now says "uh oh" and "kitty" very clearly. And she occasionally says "mama" (yea!). Clare is turning into a regular piggy at mealtimes. The other night, she ate so much pizza, that she was up for five hours past bedtime with indigestion. Obviously we weren't happy about the indigestion, but we're working on that! So I am getting frustrated with Clare's lack of progress when it comes to her gross motor skills.

We are going to increase Clare's therapy. It is not my ideal choice (as in I wish Clare would start walking on her own!), but I think it's best for Clare, since she has stalled and needs something to rev her back up. Also, her one hour of OT a week is usually more like 30-45 minutes a week. Clare just can't make the full hour sometimes. And she knows when Jessica wants her to work. Clare would rather snuggle! So if we can add another session in, then even if Clare only lasts half a session, she will actually get a solid hour of therapy. The plan is still a little hazy, but she has been approved (through Easter Seals) for a PT consult, and most likely adding an hour of PT every other week. Jessica also wants to introduce Clare to the sensory room at Easter Seals, where she can play in the ball pit or on the swings. It will help Clare with some of her vestibular activities, plus it will vary her therapy. That may be a separate hour or it may be that one hour of OT a month will take place in the sensory room. Whichever way Clare's therapy goes, I hope we see some results.


Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

How frustrating! Ava, too, is physically delayed. When people ask about it I reference your husband's post about how lucky we are that our children get to stay babies longer. You have no idea how that concept brightened my outlook! (Maybe Clare will walk when she is darn good and ready!)

Kerry said...

Maybe she needs some chocolate cake to walk to??? :)

I know it's a pain with more home visits, but I think it's great she's getting more therapy; it can really only help. Brady is moving along pretty quickly - his assessment last week said he was at a high 7 month old and he's 11 months... if he didn't have William's he would be on the cusp of not eligible for services. I totally believe it is all because of his PT and Speech he started when he was 3-1/2 months old. (He just started OT a few weeks ago)

That's so cool you are getting "mama"... I can't wait!!!
Love -K

Aunt Joan said...

Teresa & Shawn - It is very exciting to hear of all of the advances Clare has made. It is also 'sad' that she is hindered physically. She will make great strides soon, I just know. You two are providing her in every possible way what she needs to progress. Have patience, and don't get too discouraged. Clare has managed to amaze everyone so far and she won't quit now! Love to all, Joan

Nancy said...

Hopefully as she grows she will see therapy as less work and more play, although I am sure she enjoys her therapist in any case.

Gotta love the ball pit. If I can only get over my fear of germs...I'd jump in, too.


Michael and Michelle said...

I'd be careful of the ball pit if I were you. Ethan loves it so much that Jessica has to constantly pull him away to get other things done! On the other hand she uses it as a reward after he has done another activity. Clare will get there, Jessica does a great job!

Kati said...

Oh, don't be rapacious! Clare is doing very well in fine motors and speaking! I wish Szabi would say anything like quack or mooh :) But he is so quiet only says dada, nene, dayday and words like this. He could say mama and papa etc., too but I think he doesn't know what it means! So Clare is great!!!! I know it is very frustrating that she isn't walking yet, but soon she is going to!
The ball pit is a funny thing but Szabi is in tantrum when he has to get out of it!!!

Love, Kati

Amy K said...

Walking, not walking, it doesn't matter in the end because Clare is still Clare, your wonderful, amazing special little girl. In time both our little ones will both be WALKING and TAALKING (not one or the other)! And hopefully doing a little bit of frolicking and troublemaking together! Keep up the good work "mama."

nichole said...

she is doing so well in so many other areas though. her releasing skills are getting better, she can say kitty, which is at the "difficult" end of the spectrum. she is shining in so many other areas, the rest will catch up n time.

love, nichole