Monday, September 18, 2006

What's New?

We're in doctor's visits limbo right now. Both a wonderful and a frustrating place to be. Clare sees her pediatrician at the beginning of October for her 18-month check-up, then the endocrinologist, then the GI, then her cardiology appointment and sedated echo (which will either be in October or November). It's been so long since Clare has seen a doctor (not counting when she was sick about a month ago), that I feel disconnected. If you've done the frequent doctor tour, you know what I mean. Clare used to have doctor's appointments every week. Sometimes she had up to four in one week. We used to be frequent fliers. I most definitely am not complaining - it's just weird. And what may seem even weirder is that I am looking forward to her upcoming appointments. We get to check in and see if all systems are still go. It's great to have such a span between appointments now, but it's also a relief just to touch base and see how Clare is doing from a medical perspective. This may all sound crazy, unless you've been there.

Clare is still in weekly OT (she will be in it until she is three years old, at which time, she will start going to the developmental preschool in our city). She is doing a great job with standing, but cannot pull herself up. If I stand her up at the coffee table or couch, she can hold on for long periods of time. She loves to do this, especially when Jamie and I are playing a game at the table. It makes her feel like she's part of the fun. However, her upper body strength is still weak, so her therapist is working on building that up and teaching Clare to pull herself up. I think we've all given up on crawling and are aiming for cruising now. I don't want to put any pressure on Clare, but she is going to be the flower girl for my sister Christina's wedding next June, so we're hoping she is taking some steps by then!

Blogger is being finicky, so a couple more beach photos to follow!


Kerry said...

It's nice to have a dr break... but I also feel like there's something missing when it has been awhile. It's like I can't put my finger on it... did I lock the door? Is the stove turned off? Do I have money in the account to cover bills? Then it hits me... ohhhhh... Brady hasn't been to the dr's in three weeks!! Aha!

Lisa R said...

I feel the same way when we are not in the office for a while... Although it has not happened so much for us yet. Blogger was giving me greif earlier too, can't wait to see more beach pics :)

Kati said...

I am happy that Clare wasn'T at doctors for a long time!!!! Hurray!!!! I think she rejoiced to it best!
Waiting for new photos!!!! :))))
Love, Kati

Aunt Joan said...

Glad to hear the appointments have slowed down quite a bit, finally! Awaiting more good news on her upcoming checkups, too. Love to all, Aunt Joan