Thursday, October 19, 2006

Grocery Store Queen

Clare and I went grocery shopping today. Jamie was playing at a friend's house, and I was looking forward to a couple hours of rest after a long morning. However, Clare thought 30 minutes was an acceptable length for her nap. She was still tired and somewhat grumpy, so we headed off to the grocery store. I hoped it would be a diversion and it's easier to go grocery shopping with Clare strapped into the cart as opposed to with a dawdling preschooler as well. I did worry a little over how long this trip would last due to Clare's mood.

Well, wasn't she just the happiest little camper! She sat in the cart like she was the queen and waved at everyone. Big "hi's" and smiles graced upon our fellow shoppers. Clare loves to wave and say "hi," but this was the first time she had done it out in public... loudly... to everyone. It got a smile out of each person we came across. From the young guy shopping in the produce department to the older lady in the meat section. One woman came up and said, "Thank you - that was the best smile I have gotten in a long time." It was heart-warming to see my little social butterfly starting to bloom!


Christina said...

Clare is such an amazing, beautiful gift to everyone she comes in contact with! Her smiles, her "hi"s (which I need to hear more of!), her "shy" moments of turning her head into the chest of whomever is holding her... all of those things just light up the faces of people watching her. And because it's so clear to see what a gift Clare is, it's also easy to understand why you and Shawn value life, make the decisions you do about pre-natal testing, and have become wonderful examples of strong, dedicated parents. I look up to you both often... And, of course, I look at Clare and Jamie's sunshine smiles every moment I can!!

Aunt Joan said...

What a beautiful little story! Thank you for sharing. Clare truely is a gift from God. Love, Aunt Joan