Monday, October 02, 2006

What I Know Now That I Am 18 Months Old

What I Know Now That I Am 18 Months Old
1 - By saying "aaaa" in a certain way and pointing with the cutest little finger, I can get Daddy to hand over anything from his plate, including beef teriyaki.

2 - Sleeping late is overrated. It's best to be awake and raring to go by 4:45 every morning.
3 - Jamie's big train set is a little on the scary side, unless I get to be in charge of the remote.
4 - I can roll just as fast, if not faster, than Jamie to the other side of the room.
5 - Saying "kitty" over and over as one of my favorite words will inspire Mommy & Daddy to get a girl kitty named Midnight. Oh, I just love her so much!
6 - When Daddy says "no," it's hilarious. When Mommy says "no," she means business.
7 - But if I start crying after Mommy says "no," everything is status quo again. Which means I can go on throwing food on the floor.
8 - I am now old enough to eat snacks in the car as well. But if I throw my cup after I am done, snack time is over.
9 - Books are fun. Especially the pop-ups ones, the lift-the-flap ones, and any other kind good for ripping.
10 - It's hard work being such a big girl, so it's nice to pretend to be a baby again sometimes so I can snuggle with Mommy or Daddy.

(Clare was 18 months old on September 30, but between Blogger giving me a hard time and Jelly Bean giving me a hard time, it's been a rough couple of days!)


Michael and Michelle said...

She is so cute! What a great picture. I can see the resemblance to Shawn...what with the crazy hair and all:)

nichole said...

so cute :) and i loved the insight into clare's day to day life. i think my favorite was the one about snacks in the car.

Kerry said...

How adorable! And what a devlisih picture of her... I see lots of fun for you guys as she gets older!
Love -K

Lisa R said...

I think Clare and Tate have the 4:45 thing rolling together... So cute!!!

Aunt Joan said...

Happy Half Birthday to Clare....... Learning is lots of fun, especially when it is learning to control Mommy & Daddy!!! ( & big brother). She is getting to be a big girl, and the fun begins! Love to all, Aunt Joan & gang

Aspen said...

I LOVE it! Such a precious little girl.

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

What a cutie! Bet it's fun at your house!

Nicole (Emerson's mom) said...

Clare could not be any cuter!! Thanks for reminding me how fun 18 month olds are :)