Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sensory Fun

Clare started in the sensory room at Easter Seals this week. She absolutely loved it! (As did Jamie since it meant all new toys and games for him to play with!) It was great because it gave Clare a chance to work on her gross motor skills. It was interesting to see that Clare did almost no talking during this sensory session as compared to the Chatty Cathy we had last week when she was working on fine motor and speech skills.

Clare played in the ball pit, on the swings, went down the slide (her new love at the playground), and rocked in a rocking train. She worked hard for the entire hour, something she usually does not do. It was also easier for Jessica to do some crawling exercises with Clare because Jessica could help Clare move across the mats much more easily than across our carpet at home. The definite consensus was that Clare is going to do an hour every other week in the sensory room. The alternating weeks, Jessica will come out to the house and work on fine motor skills. We are still waiting for the PT to start with Clare as well - hopefully soon!


Lisa R said...

what a cute picture it looks like a very fun place. Can adults play there too.

Just got home a bit glad I hate sleeping on the ped floor.

Aunt Joan said...

Sounds like a very productive day, and wishes for continued success with the therapy. Love to all, Aunt Joan

Kerry said...

How cool... before Brady I would never even think there would be a place called the sensory room. BTW, part of your post is covered... maybe from the picture?
Love -K

Aspen said...

What a great picture!It looks like she is having an amazing time! You are lucky to have such great facilities at your fingertips.

Give her a big kiss from us.