Friday, October 06, 2006

Kitty Love

So we got another cat. Her name is Midnight, and she's the sweetest little black cat. I have never owned a black cat, so it is funny to see her running around here. When she first came home with us, she hid under the oil tank and we could not find her because she blended right in. It took Jack Sparrow (who is HUGE now and only 5 months old - he is going to be a big kitty) a couple days to get used to her, but now they're best buds. They were up at 5:45am this morning racing around downstairs. Sounded like a herd of elephants. Thankfully I was already awake due to Miss Clare's early rising!
Jamie loves the cats. He picks them up and carries them around. Jack sleeps with him at night, and Jamie has been begging for us to let Midnight in, too. Clare is also enamored with the kitties. Her face lights up when she sees them, and "kitty" is her favorite word. Jack is very good to Clare, and will come and sit right in her lap. She pets him and pulls his ears, but he doesn't mind. Midnight is a little more skittish of Clare, but she, too, will come and check Clare out. Clare puts her arms around Midnight and hugs her. She lays her cheek down on her black silky fur and just rests there. It is so sweet!

Before Shawn and I had kids, we had two cats of our own. However, once Jamie arrived, Corona and Isis were four years old. By the time Clare arrived, they were six years old, set in their ways, and not amused with being chased around by a toddler. It was a tough, tough decision, but the cats went to live with my parents. They were very unhappy at our house. It was strange not having pets around, and Jamie kept asking when Corona and Isis were coming back. We explained to him that they weren't used to living with children and wanted to live with Grand Dad, but that we would get a kitty of our own someday. And, although I still miss my Corona and Isis, they are very happy (and fat!) at Dad's house and we're all in love with our new kittens.

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Lisa R said...

ok you all are crazy...Chris loves all black kittys and Emma wants one something aweful but I do not know I love my living room furniture... I can not believe how big jack has gotten....they are sooooo cute