Sunday, April 22, 2007

Busy Doing Nothing

It was a long, busy week, yet I spent most of it sitting down doing nothing. Clare came home on Wednesday afternoon, yet she still had some recovering to do. She spent the rest of the week and this weekend very tired and crampy. She is on the mend, but was only content when sitting with me - on the couch, on a lawnchair, in the rocking chair. It didn't matter as long as she was in my arms. I feel so helpless when my children are sick and in pain and there is little I can do to make them feel better. The only thing Clare wanted was Mommy, so that's what she got. I am so proud of Jamie in times like these because he entertained us with numerous shows - superhero shows, dinosaur shows, pirate shows. Thankfully the weather is finally spring-like, so he was able to expend lots of energy running around outside. It's not easy for a rambunctious four-year old to be cooped up and watch his mom and sister just sit there all day.

It was hard on me, too, because as much as I enjoy sitting down, sitting with almost-20 pounds resting on top of your huge stomach gets pretty uncomfortable after 10 minutes. Plus with less than two weeks before my due date, I am totally in nesting mode. My to-do list is miles long. However, very little of it was accomplished this week. It may have felt like I did nothing all week, but I have to remind myself in these moments that I am really doing my primary job - being the mother of these precious children, whatever that entails.


Anonymous said...

Teresa - I am so glad that Clare is feeling better! You did accomplish a great deal this week/end. You gave both children exactly what they needed - you! You all remain in my thoughts (& prayers) especially as you enter that 'point of no return'- hahaha I pray things will go smoothly for you, and we anticipate meeting Simon soon!
love to all of you, Aunt Joan

Nancy said...

I'm glad everyone is home for the time being, although I foresee a happy trip to the hospital soon (I know, I'm psychic--it's a gift, really).

Keep us updated!

Every minute counts.... said...

I keep checking eagerly awaiting the news that you've had the baby!
I am glad Clair is home and on the mend. Good thing you have such quality entertainment in Jamie.