Sunday, April 29, 2007

Easter Seals Walk With Me

A quick plug for the Easter Seals Walk With Me again this year. We were very successful last year in our pledges and raised a couple thousand dollars for the 2006 walk. We are hoping to beat that amount this year. (And not because we raised the top amount for individual walkers and want all the glory!)

Easter Seals has truly been a blessing in our lives. I read about families who have trouble finding services or do not get along with their therapists. We have never had an issue like that. Easter Seals is our Early Intervention Program where we live. Clare was connected with the organization when she was three months old, a few weeks after her diagnosis. She began her first occupational therapy session at four months old and has been going strong ever since. We all loved her OT from the start. As Clare got older and walking still seemed in the distant future, Easter Seals (without any headaches) added physical therapy to Clare's services. Again, we hit it off with Clare's PT from the first session. In addition, Clare's therapists have aided us in connecting with the swallow specialist, nutritionist, and most recently, the orthopedic surgeon. They are both ready with research and other resources that we may need. All of this is to NO COST TO US. We do not pay a dime for Clare's services through Easter Seals. Medical bills can be very stressful and quite a damper on a family's financial situation. There have already been many, many bills due to Clare's multiple caths and surgery. Not having to worry about how many therapies we can afford or how many our insurance can pay for has been a big load off our mind. We can concentrate instead on making sure Clare gets everything she needs to thrive. Therefore, it is very important to us that Easter Seals continues to be able to offer this same exceptional service to other children (and adults) like Clare.

Please donate to the walk - there is a link to your right that takes you to our personal Walk page. Thank you for your support!

(Nothing to do with the walk, but, yes, we are still waiting for this baby to make his grand appearance!)


Anonymous said...

I too ask you to make a pledge, no matter how large or small, to this most worthy cause. It is great comfort to us to know that Clare is being so well cared for by such a loving and expert group of health care providers! And when you do make a pledge, please check with your employer to see if they offer a "matching gift" program -- the extra funds will certainly go a long way to continuing the services children like Clare need. God bless, Grand Dad Jim

Lisa R said...

Sounds so cool...I also got your email...I think Clare is the cutest in sunglasses...Tatum won't keep them on