Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Personal Top Ten

Top Ten Things I Love About Jamie:

1 - He loves any and all superheroes. He will graciously allow me to play Storm, even though she is one of his favorites. But I will be informed that I am Storm #2, as he is Storm #1.

2 - Amazingly, he can be Storm #1 as well as Spiderman, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and all four Ninja turtles at the same time.

3 - He will run and run and run around outside until his cheeks are bright red and he is hot and sweaty. He will come to me and say, "Whew, I'm tired," then take off and run some more.

4 - His new favorite food is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Trix inside. And, yes, I do make them for him.

5 - He would entertain us for hours with his shows. He has the best imagination of any kid I know and loves to perform for us.

6 - He refuses to wear the socks with writing on the bottom (as in the Old Navy socks I love for the kids) since he cannot slide on the hardwood floors in them. But he assures me the socks are okay for bedtime, as he does no sliding in bed.

7 - His split personality - he likes to wear Batman underwear, but a Superman t-shirt so I am kept guessing all day long who he really is. And watch out if he has Fantastic Four band-aids on as well.

8 - He has become Daddy's grill buddy. I love seeing the two of them out there in their lawnchairs, with their beverages (beer for Shawn, juicebox for Jamie), grilling us dinner.

9 - He is the greatest big brother. He is Clare's protector. He loves to sing to her, comfort her, hold her, and loves to help her walk by holding her hands. He is constantly kissing my stomach and telling me he misses Simon and when is he going to come.

10 - Even though he is growing so fast, there are still moments when he is my baby. He still likes me to sing him a song before bed and tuck him in. He lets me give him hugs and kisses whenever I want to. He allows me to be his personal slave a good majority of the day.

As I lounge around the house in my last days of pregnancy, I know it is hard on my family. I can't bend over to pick anything up so Jamie has become my fetching boy. If Jamie needs help and he is upstairs, it takes me about an hour to get up there. But rarely do they complain, and I love you all for that! I am so blessed by my family.


Aspen said...

This is great! Jamie will love this and look back on it realizing how special it is.

Take care of yourself for the next few days! Keep us posted on any happenings. I am thinking about you and baby tiny.

nichole said...

Jamie is such a sweetheart - he has your heart Tree :)

I agree with Aspen - take care of yourself these last few days before the baby arrives. I am so excited for you all and the new addition that will be arriving shortly.

I know Jamie is going to be an excellent big brother to the new baby, just as he is with Clare.

Sending you all much love from Louisiana!!!

Nicole said...

What a wonderful little boy you are raising. You should both be very proud of yourselves. All of that love, compassion, creativity, and thoughtfulness is taught by the people who surround him!

Kick your feet up and relax. I can't wait to meet Baby Simon!

Every minute counts.... said...

Love the post! It brought tears to my eyes remembering how much I loved the age Jamie is at now when my boys were that age. Superheroes are great aren't they!!???!!

He sounds like a very caring and sweet little boy! Enjoy.


Lisa R said...

so cute your family rocks...

Kerry said...

What a great idea! You should add some pics and put that in the middle of a sheet and hang it on his wall. What a great little guy you have :)