Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wishes Do Come True

We gave Clare a sand and water table for her birthday. There is a rice table at the local children's museum which Clare recently discovered was great fun. She loves to play with the rice and drive the trucks around in it. And the table is the perfect height for her to stand at it while holding on. Plus she always enjoys playing in the popcorn kernel bucket in the sensory room, so I thought a similar type table would be a terrific idea for a birthday present that doubles as a therapy toy. Jamie helped me pick it out (thus the castle and dragon theme) and couldn't wait to give it to Clare (and perhaps play with it himself?).

We set the table up the day after Clare's birthday and filled it with just water. (There is a space for sand as well, but we're debating sand versus rice versus beans... we'll see who wins!) Clare had a blast (and Jamie, too). She was laughing and grinning and making a grand splashing mess. I dressed her in her raincoat to avoid a soaking, but by the time dinner was ready, Clare was drenched from head to toe. At least the table was a huge hit!

And wishes come true for all. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it was a disappointing winter for Jamie. He longed for snow and desperately wanted to build a snowman. Which is all fine and good in January or February, but it is downright cruel in April. Nonetheless, here we are today. Shoveling out under inches upon inches of snow (because, of course, the snowblower had to break), sweeping snow off our patio furniture and outdoor toys that we pulled out last weekend to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather, burying the six dozen eggs and other groceries I just purchased under the snow on our deck to keep cold since we lost power (indefinitely it seemed, but thankfully we are back on now). Yet it was stunningly beautiful this morning to wake up blanketed in snow - wet, heavy snow that draped on all the branches and bushes. The perfect kind of snow for building a snowman. Unfortunately, not the perfect kind for Easter egg hunting.


Anonymous said...

Man, talk about wishes........ It sounds as though everyone had a little fun! Thanks for the update, too! Love ya, Joan

Kati said...

Wonderful pics:))))))) She had a great time as I see....I love her warm smile, give a big kiss to her cheek!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Kati

Kerry said...

Holy cow!!!! I can't believe we didn't get any of that snow!!

Love Clare at the table - we bought that for BRady his first year (before the diagnosis!) and needless to say we are waiting to give it to him until he can actually use it - hopefully for his two year birthday too :)

Every minute counts.... said...

We have the same table filled with rice.( whenever Abi sees rice at the store I hear" I want to play with that")
Glad to hear Jamie got his for hunting Easter eggs...I think it makes them a whole lot easier to find! Plus the ones you don't find are kept cold until you find them!!

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

I love the pictures. Clare is so cute with a big smile on her face. I love your idea about the rice in the table. I will keep that in mind for Ava's Christmas present.

Your snow is beautiful, but please don't send any to Michigan. Snow in April is just a cruel joke!

Love, Kim

Nancy said...

Everybody here talks about when it snowed on the Fourth of July. I guess it could be worse!

What a neat table. I'm checking that out on line right now. I am a little jealous.


Lisa R said...

What a great picture...We have that water and sand table...hopefully you can keep the castle and dragon longer then we were able too...THe snow just killed me this weekend...we did not get nearly as much as you all did wow!!!

Aspen said...

I have always heard about the water and sand tables. I might have to look into getting one for Daven. I think he would love it too.

Great pictures. She is so beautiful!