Friday, June 01, 2007

Cath Complete

Clare's cath is over. It's been a long couple of days, needless to say. Pre-op yesterday was pretty tough on Clare - lots of waiting, lots of yucky tests, and lots of needle sticks. Not to mention the fact that we were not allowed to get lunch until 3 pm. Between a 2-year old and a nursing mommy (and the ever-so-patient daddy), we were all on the grumpy side by the end of the day.

Today has not been easier so far. Clare did require another stent placement in one of her pulmonary arteries. Her cath just ended, so we have not been fully update by the cardiologists yet and do not have too much information. But they are not able to take her off the ventilator tonight, so she is going to spend the night in the Cardiac ICU. Usually this means the stent placement has opened up enough increased blood flow to cause some pulmonary edema. Plus Clare needed another blood transfusion. The doctors were hopeful she would be able to go without, but that was not the case. Again, I do not have too much information right now other than she is done, they are bringing her up to the ICU now, and we are waiting for the cath cardiologist to come out and talk with us. As far as we know, she tolerated the anesthesia and procedure well (we'll have to fill you in on Clare's first experience with ketamine - the drug she was given prior to being taken into the cath lab to mellow her out - put it this way, it is a derivative of LSD and it's street name is Special K). Thank you for the prayers so far and keep them coming!

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Lisa R said...

sounds like you have had a busy busy couple of days....Tatum has always had to stay over night after a cath...aren't the drugs they give our kids just nuts...