Thursday, June 28, 2007

Where Have They Gone?

We are here, we are here! We have just been super busy. Much too busy to be blogging! Here's a rundown of what we have been up to:

Father's Day picnic, hike in the woods, and fishing trip. We surprised Shawn with a morning massage (not us doing the massage, but we sent him out of the house for one!) while we packed the car for our day trip. No one caught any fish, but we all had a grand time and enjoyed our beautiful day at one of the local state parks.

Simon's Baptism was another hot, gorgeous day. I love taking out the baptismal gown which both Shawn and his older brother wore over 30 years ago and dressing another one of our children in it. I don't know which was more precious - naked Simon being immersed into the Baptismal font at church and letting out indignant shrieks or Simon in white smelling sweetly of the Chrism oil at our post-Baptism barbecue.

Shawn and Jamie went on a father-son camping trip with friends. From fishing to exploring to building and launching rockets to smore making to horseshoe pitching, it sounded like they had a blast.

And, most recently, we returned from our annual trip to Storyland, a children's amusement park. Despite the 100-degree weather, we managed to stay reasonably cool and had a fun-filled two days. This year, Clare enjoyed more of the rides, but she did have a tough time with the intense heat. Lots of water, strawberry smoothies, breaks in the shade or mist tents, and a hand-held squirting water bottle-fan contraption helped to keep Clare (and the rest of us) going in the heat.

It's been a busy month, but as June is closing, we are looking forward to the rest of our summer!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time you have had lately!! Looks like everyone had loads of fun. The pictures are great, and I am jealous!
Simon looks angelic in his gown - what a wonderful heirloom. Glad everyone is enjoying the summer - heat and all! Love to all, Joan

Nancy said...

GORGEOUS baptismal gown. What a wonderful heirloom.

I love going along with you on your adventures. Keep the updates coming when you have a chance to stop and breathe!

Katie said...

That looks like heaps of fun!
I bet Jamie had a great time camping with just Dad!- Very Special!
Simon looked so beautiful in his gown - such a lovely gift to pass through the generations.
enjoy the warmth while it lasts! im in the depths of winter here - Come on summer!!!

Every minute counts.... said...

I am glad that you posted..I was starting to worry:)
Glad you were busy having fun and enjoying your beautiful kids.( and your husband too...okay sometimes they can be put in the same group with the kids)


Nicole said...

Wow, you guys have really been busy!! How fun, don't you just love summer. I can't believe how big baby Simon is already. Love the baptism photos, what a beautiful gown, but I do love a naked baby photo! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Kerry said...

What fun y'all been having! We also have a baptismal gown in the family that both my boys wore - much to Tom's dismay that his sons would wear a "dress" (for what, 20 minutes??). Simon looked so precious!!

Aspen said...

I am just now catching up...but it looks like you are really enjoying your summer. Gotta love summer!