Friday, June 29, 2007

The Great Guessing Game Continues

So the Great Guessing Game continues. I (naively) assumed Clare would reach an age where I wouldn't be faced with these questions anymore, but I have a feeling that will never happen. With the arrival of Simon (who is such a chunk, he is almost Clare's size), I think I field even more questions now.

I had an experience with a woman yesterday. She was a friend of a friend, and we were together for a couple of hours. She was fascinated by Clare. Maybe because her 19-month old could run circles around Clare? Maybe because I carried both Clare and Simon up and down the stairs at the same time? Maybe because Clare is the most gorgeous little curly-haired girl with the infectious grin? (Yeah, that's the one!) This woman must have asked me the same question and repeated the same statement over and over in a variety of ways. "Wow, she is really little." "How old is she?" "Did you say she was two?" "Gee, she is tiny." "When did she turn two?" I patiently answered and responded over and over, "Yes, she is small. Yes, she is two." And left it at that. Part of me was irritated that the woman just could not let it go, and I was not going to satisfy her curiosity about Clare because I was annoyed. The other part of me did not want to get into it - the big, long explanation for why Clare is who she is. I might have nipped it all in the bud if I had just explained about Williams syndrome, but I was not in that kind of mood yesterday. (Nancy - I need some of your cards!)

During our trip to Storyland these last couple days, we answered the question over and over about the age difference of our children. I know it is because Clare looks so much younger than she is and Simon is a big baby that they look much closer in age than they really are (exactly 2 years, 1 month, and 1 day). I have a feeling Simon is now going to be an active player in the Great Guessing Game based on his size. It is nice, though, to have a chubby baby with no health issues to worry about. Even with Jamie, we were dealing with his congenital hypothyroidism from birth (Jamie was born without a thyroid gland). To new parents, those multiple visits to the endocrinologist, countless trips for blood work, and one daily medication was a lot on our plate. Now I know it was really just gearing us up for Clare! My mom made a comment about how more relaxed we seemed with Simon's arrival than with Clare's, for obvious reasons. There is something about being told frequently to watch for signs of congestive heart failure to ruin the joys of your newborn in those first few weeks. I did not appreciate how hard Clare has to work on doing everything until I see how easy it is for Simon (even though he is only two months old). We are already receiving big grins and coos from our sweet little guy and just love him to pieces!


Nancy said...

I am so in love with your kids. All of them. I see Erik in Clare, and that makes me love her even more.

You have been through a lot (I didn't know about Jamie's thyroid deal). It's nice you can relax now and enjoy all of your kids!

Nicole said...

I agree with Nancy, your kids are so adorable and I just love them too! Simon is so cute and definitely looks like Jamie's minnie-me.

We, too, are starting to play the Great Guessing Game, and it is exhausting. Not only am I trying to have a conversation with someone, but I am going around and around with myself deciding how much to share. I don't want to tell every Tom, Dick, and Harry when I really feel part of what makes us happy and healthy is NOT thinking about WS everyday. Anyway, sorry for this rambling, but I very much feel your pain and frustration.

Katie said...

I didnt know that Jamie had had thyroid problems - it just
re-affirms to me your tremendous strength.
I am lucky that i only get the great guessing game if somebody talks to Jaiden for more than a couple of minutes as when someone asks his name and he replys "my names 3 whats my name?" i start to get the shouldnt a 3 yr old know his name? looks... Grrr
As for Clare,
Who cares if she is little? Clare is absolutly divine - she is beautiful, happy and has a gorgeous cheeky grin! and like Nancy i see a lot of my Jaiden in her so i cant help but love her!
Simon is Just gorgeous! What a handsome little man!
You have a wonderful family

Anonymous said...

GOSH, did you say Clare is TWO??? I,too, am sorry that you have to deal with people who annoy without knowing it. That is sometimes the most annoying thing about it! You have every right to limit what you want to explain, and never need to apologize for it. I think all three of them are perfect, and who is to decide if they are "too close" - by whose standards? Vent, and relax. We all love you and care. Besides, girls are suppose to be tiny, petite and laid-back! Simon will decide what to say, and at his size, noone will ask him twice!!lol Love to all 5 of you, Aunt Joan

Amy K said...

I am always amazed at people who cannot just deal with what is on front of them and just accept it, why do they need to know everything?? I find the greatest people are those that have been exposed to lots of different types of children, they ask the least questions! I don't know how you do it sometimes, you amaze me,your kids amaze me too. They are so wonderfully happy, a testament to their parents. Thanks for the updates, I missed you!

nichole said...

Welcome back! I concur - yes, Clare is tiny, but she has such an infectious grin. It melts my heart everytime I see it (no, its not just the Louisiana heat :P). Simon looks so cuddly and huggable. He looks so much like Jamie. My sister was tiny - and it was not related to any issue or syndrome. I think she gained 2 pounds total her entire second year. Even at 27, she is still a wee little thing. I know I am not a parent, but from what I see and hear, there are many parents out there who can't help but compare their children (I know, because I deal with them when they hit college - it never ends). I wish they would just enjoy their children for who and what they are - and you have no problem with that whatsoever. I wish every parent could see how well you do - even when it was just Jamie and there was no Clare and no Simon. You and Shawn are such great parents,I only hope I am as good as you are some day.

Kerry said...

LOVE that Guessing Game - I am really good at it now! I love irritating other people by not picking up their hint to know more information about my "little" son. You know those people - the ones who say, "Wow - he's so little for his age!" Me- "Yep!"

Them - "He isn't crawling yet?" Me- "Nope!"

Them - "Wow - what did he weigh at birth????"
Me- " 7 lbs 7 oz"
Them - "That's not so little"
Me - "Nope!"

They are waiting for an explanation- but I don't segway into it. Then they are forced to shut up, or be extrememly obvious and ask very personal questions. It's fun! Try it - I'm sure you'll have an oppotunity next time you are at the store ;)