Thursday, April 03, 2008

Day Two

Today was Clare's second day of preschool. It was her first day with the full class, so I was a little nervous how she would do. She had such great one-on-one time with her teachers on Tuesday that I hoped she wasn't lost in the crowd today.

When Clare woke up this morning, I told her we would go downstairs and play. She asked, "Kelly?" (who was Clare's PT up until last week). I told her no Kelly, but that she would go to school today and see Miss Pam and Miss Karin. Clare smiled and said, "Hello, Payton." This is the little boy who is the only other one in her classroom on Tuesdays. I couldn't believe that she remembered his name! And connected him with school. That was encouraging.

When we pulled up to the school, Clare walked out with her teacher. I received more big smiles and "Mama" from Clare. Her teacher relayed that Clare had another super day. They had gym class today, and she said Clare did very well with the other kids. This is one of our big concerns - Clare cannot run or jump and can get thrown off balance by kids running past her (the whole visual tracking piece that Clare needs to work on). We want her to be involved in her entire school day, but we also want her to be safe. So I was pleased to hear that Clare was able to hold her own. She also ate a blueberry granola bar and drank a small cup of chocolate milk for snack. Then asked for more! That was the most shocking bit of news. Two things that Clare has never eaten (and not for lack of offering). I am sure the teacher thought I was a little silly because I kept saying, "Really? She actually drank the milk? She ate the granola bar?" I just couldn't believe it. Food is one of our biggest battles at home. To hear that Clare did something new food-wise at school is amazing.

So we have survived Day Two as well. I promise not to detail every day of Clare's schooling! I know it's still a little too early to tell, but the transition is going so well thus far. I even enjoyed myself today with Clare at school. Jamie has been asking daily about going to the playground. Since there is still snow on the ground in our backyard, I was unsure of the playground conditions. I promised him that we would check out the playground one day while Clare was at school. That way, I did not have the added challenge of making sure Clare was safe on the playground regardless of whether it was covered in snow and ice. We have not been on the playground since fall, so I want Clare's first experience to be in optimal conditions. We met friends at the playground nearby. It was very windy, but Jamie and his buddy played for over an hour, Simon was content bundled into his stroller with a snack, and I could actually relax and visit with my friend. All in all, a good day.


Aunt Joan said...

Sounds like a most wonderful day all around! I am so glad that school is going so great for Clare, as well as you, too. Letting go is very hard, I know! Congrats to all of you, and kisses all around! Aunt Joan

Penny said...

Great news. I am glad to hear that she is transitioning well and doing new things already!

Laura said...

It's so good to hear she has transitioned well.
I'm always amazed at what Michaela will eat whn she's not at home!

nichole said...

Like a duck to water :) It's so good to hear that sh is taking to her new school routine so well. Yeah Clare!!!

Kelly said...

Glad to here she is doing well with starting school.

Amy said...

I have another prediction: Clare will be running in 4 week or less. Avery started running at school a couple months ago since see saw the other kids doing it, it is hilarious. The power of peer pressure! Glad things are going to great.