Monday, April 28, 2008


We're back in our routine again. It's so sweet! Everyone is finally fully recovered from that stomach virus. It took Clare a couple days to get her energy level back, but the overnight hospital stay was what did the trick of setting her on the right road.

Last week was Clare's spring break from school, so come this Monday morning, she was a little hesitant about going. I am sure there were multiple factors involved - just having been so sick and in the hospital (not a pleasant experience for Clare at all), not having school for a week, and her regular teacher was not outside to walk her in, but one of the aides. Clare was very reluctant to leave me, but I just bit my lip, kissed her good-bye, and walked off. I hate the walking off part. I feel as if I am abandoning her sometimes, especially when she is not enthusiastic about going in the school. Once I was farther away from Clare, I turned around and watched her walk in with Miss Karin. She had a good, if tiring day, and slept most of the afternoon!

Tuesday was more of the same. Jamie is on school break this week (one of the downfalls of having the kids in school in two different towns - different vacation weeks!), so we had a full car for pick-up and drop-off. Clare was more eager to go to school, and after dropping her off, the boys and I spent the morning at Barnes & Noble, one of our favorite activities. Our local B&N has a train table, a great children's section, and a Starbucks. Favorites all around! However, during the morning, I received the dreaded phone call from the school. I always have my cell phone turned on whenever Clare is in school (and I am not one of those "addicted-to-my-phone" people), but I honestly did not expect a call. Clare fell and hit her lip on a cabinet. She was bleeding, but the teacher said she was with the school nurse and diligently keeping an ice pack on her split lip. When I picked her up from school, she showed me her "boo boo" lip and seemed okay about the whole thing. Her teacher informed me that Clare was the most accident-prone child she has ever had! Great! (Of the three and a half weeks Clare has been in school, I know of two times she has fallen and cut her lip - who knows how many times she has actually fallen with no blood!) I told her it was probably due to the fact that Clare was low tone with loose joints, has trouble centering herself and regaining her balance, and has trouble visually scanning her environment while walking. Add that she is on aspirin and bleeds easily, it's a wonder Clare does not fall and injure herself more!

Today is Clare's day off from school, so we had finally had a nice lazy morning with nowhere to go! We attempted the playground, but our beautiful spring weather turned into a chilly and windy 40-degree day, so both Clare and Simon hated that idea. (I had to drag Jamie off the playground after 40 minutes - we were freezing!) Then the afternoon was spent at the endocrinologist's office and having blood work done (and we saw Laura and Michaela there - they are both such brave ladies!). Not my number one choice for an afternoon activity, but there is something comforting about being back in our routine, doctor's appointments and all!


Auntie Becky said...

I'm so glad you are all healthy and back to your normal routine! You all definately deserve a break after that virus. Take care and relax! Give the kids a big hug from me and tell them I love them!
Love ya
Auntie Becky

Aunt Joan said...

It sounds like the routine has returned! It is so nice to have a routine that goes smoothly. It makes everything seem 'right'. I am glad everyone has recovered well. Take care, stay healthy, and enjoy the mild days of Springtime. Love to all, Joan

Every minute counts.... said...

Hope things continue to go well. How exciting to get to see friends when you go to the doctor, always makes the day just a little bit better.


Michelle said...

I love routine - it makes me feel more in control of our insane life.
Glad everyone is feeling better!

Amy said...

Poor Clare, falling so much): Anyway I got these shoes for Avery for summer, and I don't know what it is but she walks much better in them then traditional shoes like her StrideRites. I think it is because they are so light, and the toe doesn't catch the floor and make her trip. You should try them...I think Kohls has them.

Kerry said...

I'm glad everyone is well, and you can chill out a bit this week. Maybe the sun WILL come out!

What a not-so-fun time leaving Clare ~ I am impressed you stuck to your guns and went along your way. You know as soon as you leave they are like, "Momma who?" :) I am glad she is enjoying school