Tuesday, April 01, 2008

45 Minutes and Counting...

S~Okay it has only been 45 minutes since we dropped Clare off at school, but it is driving me crazy. Teresa cried as we were leaving, and I cried in the car...it shouldn't be this tough! We have spent so much time and invested so much with our little girl that it is so scary to hand over all that responsibility to a complete stranger.

Anyway, enough of my insecurities. Clare took it great. After a hug and a kiss to all of us, she grabbed the teacher's hand and off she went. After I walked the rest of the family to the car, I was walking back to my car and I stopped at the door to her school, which was still open. I saw Clare inside taking off her backpack and jacket. I watched for a few minutes to make sure she was okay. She finally noticed me and gave a little start towards me which I had to make her stop by motioning her to stay. She stopped and gave a little wave with just her fingers. I blew her a kiss which she returned and then I left. I will remember that image of her standing there like a big girl for the rest of my life.


nichole said...

It sounds like she is going to have a great first day at school.

Michelle said...

First - Happy Birthday Clare!!! I can't believe you are 3!
Second - You totally made me cry with that post!
Thrid - I will be anxiously awaiting to hear how her first day went! What a big girl!

Amy said...

Big things happening! She is three and goes to school now. Wow how time flies.