Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spring Fever

It's so cliche, but we really have spring fever over here. It's been (knock on wood) a little over a week since our last snowfall. The snow is almost completely gone from our front and back yard, and, yesterday, Jamie and I raked up the last of the leaves and uncovered our sprouting daffodils. We've spent the last three evenings grilling, taking walks, and getting Jamie started on riding his bike without training wheels. Jamie is signed up for baseball at the end of the month, and he is thrilled to practice catching and throwing with Shawn in the evenings now. I am a little wary of this new phase we are entering - Organized Sports. I have always felt very strongly about sports (or any other activity) not running our lives. Jamie is only 5 years old, but it's amazing what is out there for kids these days. And the amount of time and commitment involved. A friend was telling me about her daughter wanting to do cheerleading and, in one month, it is almost every single night. And her daughter is only 5 years old! Even Jamie's baseball is going to be one night and one weekend afternoon per week. To me, that is the max I will allow on one activity. I am cautious about entering the stage of being a "baseball mom."

Clare is into her second week of preschool now. She has done remarkably well. I am thankful my kids are fairly adaptable children. Clare is eager to see her teacher in the morning and walks in with Miss Pam without a fuss. She is always happy to see me or Shawn when we pick her up, but her teacher reports that she is enjoying herself. My one concern is that when I picked her up yesterday, she was exhausted. It was her day of OT and PT, so that may have contributed to her fatigue. But her face was ashen, and she just looked terrible. Normally, we go right home from school, do lunch, and have a nap. But Simon had a doctor's appointment (yup, another eye infection and fluid in his ears - no ear infection yet), so we were still out and about. By the time we got home, Clare was a wreck. We're obviously going to keep an eye on it for now.

Additional note - So, of course, I started writing this post mid-week and life takes over. Now it is Sunday evening and I am finally getting around to finishing it. Baseball is officially starting this week, and both Jamie and Shawn are super-excited. Our yard is finally snow-free. Clare LOVES to play outside. It is a new experience for her, and she is thrilled to walk around the yard, pull moss off our stone wall, draw on my car with sidewalk chalk, and repeatedly go up and down the ramp to the shed. I talked with her teacher on Thursday about Clare's extreme fatigue after school on Tuesday. Her teacher will make note of it as well, talk to the PT, and see how Clare does this coming Tuesday. Simon's eye is back to normal, and we avoided another ear infection.

We spent the afternoon at the beach today. It was extremely windy right down by the water. Jamie, Shawn, and Simon walked along the ocean's edge, while Clare finished her nap in the car. Once she awoke, we joined them. Clare hated the wind! Her new sentence that she now says about a thousand times a day is, "Me no like it." (Her language skills have exploded, but we'll save that for another day!) As I carried Clare back from the ocean to the nearby playground, the wind was whipping wildly around us. She yelled the whole way, "Me no like it! Me no like it!" I did feel bad for Clare because she really does not like the wind, but she was also making me laugh so hard! We ended our afternoon frolicking on the playground then home to pizza and wings. I love our lazy weekend days.


Every minute counts.... said...

Sounds like things are going pretty good for your family. Hope Simon gets over the eye stuff and the fluid doesn't become an ear infection.


Julie said...

Sounds like things are going well. I too am very happy spring is here. My kids adjust pretty well too. I think that happens when you have lots of kids.

Aunt Joan said...

It sounds like Spring is finally here/there! I love the breezy, spring days with not much to do except enjoy! However, when it comes to the big winds I have to agree with Miss Clare. Me no like it, either!! Enjoy the sports, school, and busy days of watching them grow up! Love to all, Aunt Joan

Kerry said...

LOVE the lazy weekend! However, since baseball is starting.. no more! I do admit, I will take baseball weeks over a grumpy, wound up kid who needs to run around any day! LOL. Watch out Teresa - as Michael hits the "International" league now, we are at three practices a week and two games a week....

Can't wait to see you guys next week!!!!

Katie said...

Im glad spring is in the air :)
Jaiden HATES the wind too - it really seems to scare him.
I hope Jamie enjoys baseball!
Its great to hear Clare is adjusting to school so well and i hope tuesdays tiredness was a one off!

Amy said...

Avery gets very tired at school as well. Happy spring.Oh gosh, it has been like a whole new world for Avery and I having a toddler that can actully WALK and PLAY outdoors, it has been marvelous! I share you enthusiasm!

Laura said...

It feels so good to be outside, doesn't it!
I remember those early baseball years, enjoy it!
Sounds like Clare is doing well with school. Michaela is still tired at the end of the day. If you think about what our kiddos have to do to keep it all together socially, cognitively and physically, it truly makes you see how amazing they are. Plus all the therapies and therapists! I have to remind the school personnel that a typical kid couldn't handle ALL that, and yet our special kids are expected to with no problem.

Heather said...

Me no like wind too! It is so annoying!
Tired and grumpy after school was how it was for Caleb. From preschool until I took him out. I just think it is so much for them to take in. he would just get way over stimmed and then crash when he got home. I'm with Laura, It has to be hard for them to keep it all together all day. Caleb used to just come home and rock it all away until he felt calm again. Imagine how you feel after a party, or anything exciting. It is hard to slow down afterward. I think, at least for Caleb, that every activity is like that for him. So much input and nowhere to go with it.
Hoping for a summer full of weekends just like this one for you. :)

Lisa said...

Man I am so jealous I want to go to the beachy and frolick :) I wish Tate would say something for us :) Glad you all are well