Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Fun Pics

We're still just waiting so there is nothing else to do but take pictures and post them!
(And I am glad that Clare is smiling now because she won't be once the IV goes in.)
Addendum: So I have to explain some of the photos because Clare was a riot today at the hospital. The top photo is her in her princess nightgown riding around the cardiac floor in the evening. She is such the little charmer. Shawn pulled her around the floor, and she waved at everyone. Practicing for when she is Miss America or something!
The photo of Clare in the bed talking on the phone - it is a play cell phone that she insisted on bringing to the hospital. She would "talk" on it frequently throughout the day. The cardiac floor is a strict no cell-phone floor because of all the equipment, so once you hit the elevators, everyone whips out their cell phones and turns them on, including Shawn and I. And including Clare. As soon as we got to the elevators, Clare would open her pink cell phone as well and start talking.
The last photo is Clare putting hospital bracelets on her stuffed animals. The hospital bracelets are printed on a sheet and come with five ID bracelets and a bunch of labels. Clare's nurse Kathy (awesome lady!) let Clare keep the rest of the bracelets, so Clare put one on each of the pink stuffed animals she brought with her. (Pink is the new favorite color in our house.)

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Sara said...

That looks way cool for a hospital. Thoughts and prayers are with Clare and you.