Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pre-Op Fun

Oh, the hospital life ain't the life for me!

My goodness - we are told to show up at noon for admittance and pre-op. It is now 7:00pm - Clare has been weighed and measured, an EKG done, and we met with the cardiac anesthesiologist. Seven hours and that is all that has been accomplished so far!! We still have not met with the interventional radiologist, cardiologist, or general anesthesia. Plus the dreaded IV and blood work has not been done yet. But, in the meantime, Clare has had a blast - riding the halls in a little car, painting in the activity room, playing on the hidden playground, splashing in the garden fountains, watching movies, and being served pudding, cheese puffs, and chocolate milk while lounging in bed.

Hopefully the IV will be inserted and blood work drawn before it gets too late, so Clare can go to bed. We do know that Clare's case starts at 8:30am, she will be on fluids via IV and off oral food and drink around midnight, and she will be intubated (on a breathing tube) while under anesthesia. We do not know how long the procedure will be (1-3 hours possibly), what kind of recovery Clare is facing, or even how exactly the procedure will go. The cardiac anesthesiologist (who will not be part of the actual case tomorrow, but has to consult on the anesthesia involved because Clare is a cardiac patient) explained that many of the decisions regarding the case will be made tomorrow once she is in interventional radiology - like whether they will use coil or glue to occlude the vessels or how they even gain access to the site of the fistula (through an artery in the wrist or in the groin).

These are photos of Clare enjoying her pre-op day (at least someone did!). She loved the $12 balloon Daddy bought for her... until it broke its string outside and floated up into the trees. So if you're ever in Prouty Garden at Children's Hospital, you may find that balloon stuck at the top of the trees.


k's mama said...

Thats does look like alot of fun.. gardens, parks, special treats in bed! :o) I hope she survives the IV insertion. I know its gonna be tramatic for a 4 year old. Will they let you stay with her tomorrow until she is asleep from the anestheia or do they take her away from you before? Thats the part I always hated. I know some childrens hospitals let mom or dad stay and hold the child until they fall asleep and then have mom or dad be there when they wake up. Much less tramatic that way! Praying everything goes well!

Tammy said...

The pictures are so beautiful, Clare is getting so big. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the IV and bloodwork are not too tramatic for Miss Clare (or you two). Post when you can to let us know how Clare is doing.

Christina and Tee Jay said...

The third picture in this post is absolutely my new favorite!!!!