Thursday, July 09, 2009



... being up a good part of the night with a teething Violet
... finding the perfect exercise outfit only to have Violet grab my bowl of granola and milk and spill it all over me
... getting four children fed and dressed and out the door in time to drop Clare off on time at morning summer school
... going to the allergist so Jamie can receive his sixth round of weekly allergy shots and keeping the kids entertained while we wait quietly in the doctor's office for 30 minutes to be sure he does not have a reaction
... having Simon fall off the curb and cut his lip open

... I was so proud of myself that I actually made it to the gym this morning. Only to have the guy next to me jogging on his treadmill BACKWARDS. Come on? Really? Backwards? Hey, it was an accomplishment I was just walking forward.


k's mama said...

haha. I love your blog. You always crack me up! Don't worry about the guy walking backwards. Maybe he didn't know how a treadmill works??? I think anytime any mother gets to the gym its a big accomplishment!!!

Aunt Joan said...

I agree with "k's mama", and am so very proud of you!! Keep up that determination and you will always be happy! (and fit, too!!)

Dawn said...

Teresa, with four kids and that list of items I am surprised you are upright: let alone on a treadmill.

I would have been tempted to up his speed to 10mph while his back was turned to the controls. No one likes a show off.

Nancy said...

Congrats on getting some time at the gym. Feels good! I think being on a treadmill backwards is a recipe for disaster for a klutz like myself. I would be quite impressed...and yet irritated at the same time.