Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy Birthday, Clare Bear!

Top ten things Clare has taught us over the past year:

1 – The most important thing in this world is family.
2 – The best thing to smile about is spontaneous dancing in the kitchen. Even when there’s no music playing. Even when it’s Daddy dancing (remember Elaine from Seinfeld?).
3 – Keep smiling even when the dancing is done. Your crazy older brother will act crazier for just one smile. Your aunties, uncle, grandparents, cousins, just about anyone will do anything for you. And it will make Mommy and Daddy feel that every bit of pain endured is worth it just to see that wonderful smile.
4 – There IS a silver lining in every rain cloud.
5 – It’s okay to have crazy hair!
6 –The anatomy of the heart and how it works (we knew we should have paid attention in 5th grade science class).
7 – Hospital food can be quite tasty. Unless you eat it for 12 days in a row.
8 – Don’t listen to what others say you can’t do.
9 – Never give up. Even when those toes seem so far away, keep trying – you know you can get them in your mouth if you just stretch a little bit more.
10 – There is always hope. There is always joy. There is always laughter. Even if you have to wait a year for it.

Happy birthday to the sweetest, most amazing girl in the world. Thank you for teaching us the most important lessons about life. We are blessed to be your parents. We love you so much!


Anonymous said...

happy, happy, happy birthday clare! may the next 365 days bring light, joy, and many more milestones! and especially more laughter :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful 'tribute' to the most incredible little girl ! Just remember, Clare is who she is because of YOU ! You are a remarkable family, & we love you. Happy Birthday, Clarebear!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Clare! I can just imagine how joyous it is with all that clapping and laughing. Best wishes to the whole family! Love, Sara