Monday, March 06, 2006

One of Those Days

It was DEFINITELY one of those days. When you wonder why you got out of bed at all.

It was just an insane day. And, of course, it was the day before we head down to the hospital, so I had a zillion things on my to do list and did none of them! I joined a new playgroup and had every intention of going there this morning - never happened. We (and by "we," I really mean "I") just couldn't get our act together this morning. Then Clare needed a nap, and before I knew it, it was noon. The playgroup was long past, and I had twenty minutes to feed Jamie lunch, get Clare up, and get them both out the door to Jamie's doctor's appointment. (Yes, sometimes Jamie has a doctor's appointment as well!)

The early afternoon fared a little better because both kids took a nap, then we ran some errands. But when we got home, I slammed the van door closed on Jamie's left foot... Jamie's SHOELESS left foot. I was hurrying to get the kids out of the house to run our errands, so neither of them had shoes or coats on (now I am really starting to feel like a terrible mom). But the van was toasty warm and neither of them were leaving it while we were out. So the door incident happened, and Jamie was beside himself in pain. I almost cried myself, I felt so bad. He kept crying "Mommy, you hurt me." His foot was so bruised and swollen, I worried it was broken. (I slammed the door hard.) The pediatrician's office wanted to see him right away to do an x-ray. When I explained to Jamie about x-rays and broken bones, his cries turned to, "Mommy, you broke my bone!" Shawn came home and took Jamie to the doctor's, so I could stay home with Clare. (Who had been crying herself during the entire time we ran errands and then the door incident, so she was quite worked up as well by now.)

Jamie and Shawn got home from the doctor's around 7 pm, and we finally ate dinner. Shawn's mom is staying with us tonight to care for Jamie while we're gone tomorrow, so we had a nice, relaxing dinner with Mimi (who, bless her, washed all my dishes that piled up throughout the day). The good news is that Jamie's foot is not broken, just badly bruised. His first words when he walked back in the door? "Mommy, you didn't break my bone!" with a big smile on his face. Then dinner ended, and Clare (who was sitting on my lap) promptly vomited all over me. Oh geez! Seriously, what more could go wrong??

Now it's the end of the day, and I still have not done a thing on my to do list to get ready to leave in the morning. Once Shawn and Jamie came home, I could have done some stuff, but it was much more fun (and important) to play with Jamie on the bed, being silly, and reading books by flashlight in the dark. And it was worth my scrambling around now to spend a few moments earlier snuggling with my freshly bathed Clare before she went to bed. The day wasn't all bad. I also saw my friend's newest little boy (only 8 days old!), and he is precious. A newborn baby is just so sweet, there's nothing like it. It hits home again how fast kids grow. I can't believe my own baby boy turned three a month ago and my baby girl is turning one in three weeks. So even though I ended up not accomplishing what I wanted to do today, I got to do some of the stuff that matters most (although I could have done without almost breaking Jamie's foot and the vomit).

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Anonymous said...

I certainly agree that it was definitely one of those days....!! However, it seems that it wasn't a total loss. Enjoy the sweet little blessings. You will all be in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Keep us posted.
love to all, Aunt Joan