Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Photos

My absolute favorite photo from Easter - the pure joy on Clare's face as she goofs off with her Uncle Brian is priceless.

Violet's first Easter - she was adorable in her dress!

Simon's favorite part of Easter dinner was dessert. Grand Dad helps him eat some (not that Simon needs any help in that area!).

Jamie was the king egg hunter again.

Clare finds an egg hidden in the daffodil. (Yes, folks, we only had one daffodil bloom this year.)

This was Simon's first "real" year egg hunting, and he loved it. "More eggs? More eggs?"

Jamie displays his find.

Simon wanted no part of taking Easter photos this year. At least Jamie, Clare, and Violet smiled!

Violet checking out her first Easter basket.


Sara said...

I can't believe what a big boy Simon is! Super cute pictures. It looks like a fun day with family.

Noel said...

your kids are so cute!!

Amy said...

av loved the pics, she said "you" a couple times (meaning "me?").