Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Scream But It Only Comes Out As A Yawn

Children's Hospital called today to schedule Clare's "procedure." However, the woman on the phone had no details beyond that. She had no idea what procedure, what anesthesia process, anything about what the doctors had decided. Shawn explained that we were not scheduling any procedure until we had some information about what exactly was going to happen to Clare. So we're still just waiting some more.

Jamie's allergies, true to form, have now kicked in full-force. He is back to red, swollen, itchy eyes, congestion, cough, headaches, and a general grumpy attitude. The allergist put him on a course of steroids, which Jamie started yesterday. No improvement yet, but the steroids are supposed to wipe out all his allergy symptoms in a day or two.

We are packing up to head down to Philadelphia for a few days for my niece's Baptism. Jamie and Clare are on school break next week, and we're all looking forward to a week free of driving and full of playdates!


Amy said...

I can hear you Indiana! Have fun in Philly.

Michelle said...

I say that is the best post title I've ever read! LOL! Sorry you feel like that though ...hope things with Clare are in order soon and have a fantastic vacation!

Aunt Joan said...

I certainly hope that the 'break' gives all of you the most deserved rest! I, too, love the title!! Give Jamie my sympathy, and I pray he feels somewhat better real soon. Allergies are no fun, I know. Love to all of you, as well as the Philly Phamily!