Friday, April 17, 2009

Still Need A Plan

Clare saw the interventional radiologist today. He definitely ruled out compression as a means of closing the fistula given the position of the fistula and the number of vessels involved. So that leaves us either surgery by the cardiovascular surgeon or the radiologist can insert a coil to close the opening (in a method similar to the cath procedures). Both require general anesthesia, so the anesthesia risks are the same regardless of which method Clare undergoes. The radiologist is going to conference with the surgeon and anesthesiologist again and determine what is the best plan for Clare. We want to make this a one-shot deal, so Clare does not have to undergo anesthesia twice. Today's visit does not tell us anything new, so we're still just waiting to find out what the plan is and when it is going to happen.


Tes said...

Have you all in my prayers for patience.

Laura said...

How frustrating to not have a definate answer and plan. I hope they get back to you real soon!

Amy said...

Hang in there, I am impressed by how hard they are working to find the right solution for Clare!

Aspen said...

Thinking about you. I agree with Amy, I'm quite impressed with their amount of thought and consideration. Keep us updated.

Katie said...

As the others said, at least they are being careful about their options. I hope they work something out soon.
take care