Friday, May 27, 2011

Boys V. Girls

Since we do not know the sex of this baby, we have had many queries about if we "think" we know what we're having. And, of course, the answer is NO! How could we possibly predict that?? But the debate rages on.

Last week, one of the neighborhood boys was playing on our swing set. He is 5 years old with an older brother. He asked me what the baby's name was, and I told him I did not know because we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl. His response was: "Oh, you're having a boy. You have a lot of girls already!" I thought it was cute that to him (only having a brother), two girls was "a lot of girls." I didn't point out that we also had two boys since apparently this was not a lot of boys to him! Then this morning, Simon told me the baby was a boy because "we already have a girl baby... Violet! We don't want two girl babies!" So maybe the baby is a boy??

Weirdly enough, I do not have pregnancy dreams. I have not dreamt of labor, delivery, or whether the baby is a boy or girl. These days (or nights rather), I don't think I am asleep for long enough stretches to even have dreams! And just when I thought we were settled on names, it turns out we are not. Our boy's name is decided (right, Shawn?) but we're still throwing out girl potentials. Nothing has grabbed us and screamed THIS IS IT! I felt like with each of the older four children, as soon as I heard what is now their name, I knew that was the perfect name. I just don't have that feeling this time when it comes to a girl's name. So my prediction is that this baby is a girl and will not have a name until we see her!

Today marks 37 weeks, and we are all so eager for this pregnancy to end and meet Baby #5!! This is the latest in the "summer" I have been pregnant and have the cankles to prove it.


Aunt Joan said...

WELL...I predict you are either having a boy or a girl this time! I loved the idea of not knowing till it happened-but then, back in the stone age, there really wasn't a readily available way to find out till then! So, either way, he/she will have a name that you love!! Good luck & keep us posted!

Amy, Bob, Grace, James, Keri, Tee Jay said...
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Christina and Tee Jay said...

I've sort of been thinking it's a boy for most of your pregnancy. But the Chinese gender predictor says "girl" and in the past couple of weeks, I've been switching more to the female side for you. We shall see!

Additionally, I am DYING from the heat here, and I cannot imagine how people have babies in July or August. (Having done the October thing wasn't too bad, because I wasn't massively huge in the summer months. But God bless the mothers of true "summer babies.")