Friday, May 06, 2011

Photos Photos

I brought Jamie and Violet to have their professional photos taken a couple months ago around their birthdays, and today I am taking Clare and Simon, so I wanted to share them. (I will share Clare's and Simon's once I have them.)

The last time I took the three older children to have photos done was two years ago. (I did do Violet's at one year old.) With the age of digital photography, we have thousands of photos - and thousands of REALLY good photos. So I let myself skip a year last year. But I still love the professional shots to decorate our walls. I love photos of my children and family and would rather see those around my house than any other decoration. I regret not taking Jamie, Clare, and Simon last year, although it gave me a chance to enjoy their beautiful 6-, 4-, and 2-year old photos for two years!

I debated attempting the group shot today, but being 34 weeks pregnant and having no clue what to put them in to coordinate, I am wimping out on that. Plus if I wait 6-7 months, I can get one with all five children (and maybe even a family portrait, since Simon was 11 months old the last time we did that!). But these are Violet's stunning 2-year photos and Jamie's awesome 8-year photos. I love that they totally capture each child's unique personality.

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Aunt Joan said...

Those two are quite photogenic!! And very beautiful!! Happy life is going smoothly- for now! lol. Love to all!