Sunday, May 01, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Simon!

Happy Birthday to our spunky, goofy, cuddly, new four-year old Simon Joseph! It has been an awesome year watching you grow in leaps and bounds. You have become a great playmate to all your siblings. You love playing with Violet in the mornings, and I often find myself with two crazy kids concocting all kinds of interesting schemes! You enjoy the afternoons with Clare, playing computer or board games. Once Jamie comes home from school, the two of you will hole up in your bedroom with Legos or Bionicles. But your favorite activity is snuggling with me on the couch reading I-Spy books. You cannot get enough of them and can find the hidden items quicker than Mom can. I love that I have a buddy to eat carrots and hummus with, since none of the other kids will touch them! Your love of learning, activity books, mazes, and games is insatiable, and I hope you always have that love of using your mind like that. You are such a joy to us, Simon, and we love you so much! Happy Birthday!


nichole said...

Happy Birthday Simon! He was such a sweet baby. I need to come visit again - your kids are growing up too fast :)

Aunt Joan said...

Happy Birthday, Simon!! I cannot believe how fast they grow- especially when we live so far apart! lol. Love to the whole gang! Great Aunt Joan