Thursday, May 19, 2011



A film about Williams syndrome.... the trailer alone made me cry.

You have to check it out.


nichole said...

It looks like such a moving film - definitely one I'll be checking out.

Aunt Joan said...

I was finally able to access the trailer- cannot wait to see the film!! Please keep us all posted on any details!! Love ya!!

Marie said...

I love your blog and find it so helpful. My daughter Pippa turned 5 in late April. Your stories about school and life are so comforting and familiar. I'll just ask and you can just say no for personal reasons or because you are too busy ... but I was wondering if you would consider sharing your Kindergarten IEP goals as we are just getting into the process. Pippa will be transferring from the special needs/typicals pre school to the kindergarten and I would love some comparison. FYI we're in CT -- it sounds like you may be in New England. Thanks

Mary Katherine said...

Hi- I have enjoyed reading your blog. Our daughter, Molly Kate, is also diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. I went back to 2005 and read about some of your first days with Clare. Molly Kate is 13 months and doing well but alot of what you have written is very familiar to me. Looking forward to hearing about baby #5.

Take care- Mary Katherine