Saturday, August 26, 2006

Another Clare Update

Clare is finally feeling better. At first, it did not seem like the antibiotics were doing the trick. It's so tough with antibiotics in our family because Shawn is severely allergic to penicillin, amoxycillin, etc., and Jamie is allergic to them as well (you can read about Jamie's "speckles" in a post way back in August 05). Given the family history, no doctor wants to even try Clare on amoxycillin at this point due to her medical history.

Clare was just miserable for three days. High fever, refused to eat, barely drank, and slept and slept. She has never been this sick at home. Then on the fourth day, her fever finally broke and she started feeling better. Today (a week after we went to the doctor's), Clare is slowly starting to eat again and her energy seems to be coming back. Of course, she just cut another bottom tooth, so that doesn't help with her general well-being! Clare always seems to take a long time to come back to her normal self when she's sick. Jamie can be sick as a dog one day, then bounce right back the next.

We went to a birthday party today for one of the girls in our playgroup. Both Jamie and Clare had a fabulous time. (Okay, Clare had kind of a fabulous time - she really enjoyed the chicken and cheese taquitos that were served!) I love to just sit and watch Jamie play with his friends. He has so much joy. It was a beautiful day to be at an outside birthday party. I am sad that our fun summer is almost over. This was the best summer I can remember in quite some time. We are heading off to the beach in one week and counting for our last summer fling!


Nancy said...

I am so glad Clare is getting better. I have been thinking about her lots!


Lisa R said...

I am also glad Clare is felling better. I love watching Emma play too. I can not wait to watch Tate. You are going to have so much fun at the beach. We too still have a last summer fling coming, our beach trip is in 2.5 weeks.

Auntie Becky said...

It's such a relief that Clare is feeling better. She has been in our prayers. I'm glad you all had so much fun at the party! Have fun on your vacation.

Love ya

Aunt Joan said...

We are so glad that Clare is feeling like her old self again. Chicken & Cheese taquitos?? And who said she has feeding problems?? Seriously, happy that you still have one last summer fling ahead. Have a wonderful time, and enjoy the beach. Love to all, Aunt Joan

Kerry said...

I'm glad is getting better.. not only do you have to worry about her feeling better, you have to think about her not eating,e tc. Argh!

Just a week left of summer... how many days til Christmas??