Monday, August 28, 2006

Four-Man Band

Every Monday, I watch my friend's two little girls (ages 3 years old and 20 months). Elizabeth and Lauren are delightful children (truly they are, and I usually don't say that about children!), and it really is a pleasure, if a little crazy (okay, sometimes a lot crazy) to have them for the day. Jamie loves when his buddy Elizabeth comes over, and Clare lights up, too, at the girls. Elizabeth especially loves to get down on the floor with Clare - she talks to her, rubs her hair, kisses and hugs her. It's so sweet.

Today was a cold, rainy day (where is the HOT August weather?), so we were stuck indoors. After a couple hours, the natives started to get restless, so I pulled out the instruments. We pumped up the Dinosaur music extra loud and danced. Even Clare got into the action. I wish I could post a picture of her swinging her hips like a Stegosaurus! She had a great time playing the recorder and drum (which is almost as big as she is!). Half the time, she sat and played instruments with the rest of the kids, and the rest of the time, I held her so we could dance together. Clare loves music - any kind. She loves to dance and sway to anything I put on the stereo. She loves to sit on my lap (or by herself on the bench) and bang on the piano... I mean, PLAY the piano. She also loves to just sit on my lap and listen to me play the piano (with the occasional added note from Clare). I read time and time again that individuals with WS have an affinity for music. Some, a genius for music. Can I honestly say that Clare is muscially inclined? Or that it is the Williams syndrome that causes her to love music? No, I cannot. Because Jamie loves music, too, and always has. And my family is a musical family. With the exception of my sister Christina (who has a lovely singing voice, something which I did NOT inherit), everyone else in my family plays an instrument. I myself have been a pianist since I was a child. But I would love it if Clare did have an interest in music and some talent for playing.

And, of course, what would an impromptu dance party be without a drunken sailor -with a snake, kazoo, and the cat's scratching post. Aaaah.... 3 year old boys!


Aunt Joan said...

Oh, my gosh!!! I have had a wonderful laugh at your expense tonight - thank you!! I am sure Clare will be musically talented, just because of your influences. I am not too sure what to say about Mr. Hook there, but I think all motorized vehicles should be banned until further notice! Life is never dull with children around, huh? Love to all, Joan

Auntie Becky said...

WOW!!! Sounds like you had a fun day with all those kidos. Music is a great! I bet the kids will have a talent for music...taken after mom & dad. I'm so glad to see that Clare is feeling better!

Love ya all

Kerry said...

What great pics- and what a crazy household, is right! It must be a lot of fun though on Mondays and the day must whiz by! :)

Nancy said...

What fun!

Hey, don't forget it's almost National Talk Like a Pirate Day!


Kati said...

I'm glad that Clare got well!!!
Szabi love music, too, any kind of...which is so funny because me andhis dad is absolutely unmusician, we only love pop, rock and other 'daily' music :))))) But: every children loves music, it doesn't depend on ws, I think...
Cute pictures of Clare and Captain Hook :DDDDDDD
Love, Kati

Sara said...

The hot weather? It's here, in Texas! The dance party sounds super fun. We had those all the time. Danny's favorites were Burnin Love (Elvis) and The Bear Necessities (Disney). It's good exercise for everyone!

Lisa R said...

I love the pictures...Oh how kids at any age love music especially playing it. What a blast it looks like you all were having.

Katherine said...

Teresa is certainly a wonderful woman to call my girls delightful! LOL I think our children rub off on one another because Jamie is an absolute joy to have at our home and Clare can simply make anyone smile (as you all already know). So thank you Teresa, for boosting this mom's ego! If only they could be delightful 24/7! LOL
And they truly LOVE going to your home! Lauren would go every day if she could!