Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just the Girls

It's been just Clare and I these past two days at our house. Jamie went to spend some time with his grandparents and cousins before the summer ends, and Shawn is away on a little business trip. It has been so quiet around here! (Clare does not make much noise yet. And even if she did, compared to Jamie being around, it is like a tomb in this house!)

We didn't do anything too exciting, but our new kitchen appliances were delivered yesterday. I was more excited than Clare, who just wanted to know who the two strange men in our kitchen were. I think Clare was happy to go to bed before I started organizing my new fridge. This morning we did a bunch of shopping (which is easier to do with just Clare). Nothing spectacular - Target, B.J.'s, the pet store, the used book store. Like I said, I am not a girly-girl, but I did indulge on a pack of teeny tiny barrettes for Clare's hair. Her bangs are getting long, curly, and out-of-control. I have finally been successful in getting them in a ponytail and now we're going to try barrettes as well. Although I do not like to dress up myself, it is fun to dress up my little girl! We also ate pizza for almost every meal and played loud music (Clare enjoyed dancing to Cake, although I am pretty sure that the song Satan is My Motor, while catchy, is not the best choice for a good, Catholic girl).

It's been a fun two days spent with Clare. I love getting the alone time with her. She is so cuddly and loves to give me hugs. I think she has enjoyed having me to herself as well, although we're both missing the boys. Peace and quiet is a wonderful thing to have occasionally, but after a while, I am ready to go back to the crazy life again! It will be good to see Jamie and Shawn late tonight when they come home.


Lisa R said...

I just love clare give her tons of kisses for me. I just bought a pack of the tiny clips also...I love little girls with long hair it is so cute...One on one time is always so nice, enjoy the rest while you can :)

Kerry said...

How fun to have just us" days and to chill out. I would probably eat cereal for every meal. :) Loved the pic too of her big smile - she's already such a good poser!

Aunt Joan said...

Teresa & Clare - Enjoy the quiet time while you can! It is those times that we realize how much a part of us is missing, also. I hope Jamie had a wonderful time away, and missed his Mommy & sister as much as you missed him. Love to all, Aunt Joan

Kati said...

I hope the boys get home and there's the end of the silence :)))))))))))
I love these pics with the pony-tail, she seems to be a bigger girl :D

Amy K said...

I love Cake, and Clare! Your days w/o the boys sounds like my life everyday. I eat frozen pizza at least once a week. Clare is such a doll.