Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Update I Know You Were Dying For

What better way to end a Thursday than an update on Clare's bowel movements? Ha ha ha... But seriously, this issue might come up in someone's future, and I just wanted to let everyone know that the new medication Clare is on (MiraLax) works wonders. For a week now, Clare has not screamed or agonized over bowel movements. Granted, I am doing a little more oxycleaning of Clare's clothes than I was previously, but I will take that any day over the pain the poor baby was in. Sometimes I wish we had just started Clare on the MiraLax from the beginning and spared her the months of pain, but I also believe it is important to try everything else before jumping to medication. I don't know if she's now on the MiraLax for life or just until her diet becomes more varied. Either way, we have a much happier girl around here (except for the fact that she is teething and has a cold right now). I never realized how much time she spent crying because of bowel movements until that crying stopped. Thank God for small wonders.


Aunt Joan said...

Hip Hip Harrah !!! Yeah for Clare - and everyone else, too! Love to all, Aunt Joan & gang

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Clare, we are very happy for you and your happy tummy!!! We are reading your progress weekly and are clapping for you out here in Wisconsin. All our love, Paige, Gina and Jim Spicka

Kati said...

I didn't know that you have problems like this, but I am happy that you solved it at least :))))) Have a wonderful day, love, Kati

Michael and Michelle said...

Oh, that's such wonderful news! There is nothing better than a happy baby girl!!
Congratulations on working bowels!! :)

Susan Rohde said...

That is great news for Clare. Jaxson was only on the Miralax about a month and then his body just "remembered" how to poop....or something like that. Very scientific, I know:)
Congrats to Clare!
Mom to Ethan-4
Jaxson-3 (Williams)
Aspen-6 months

Lisa R said...

I friday is becoming poop talk day :) Yeah Clare I bet you feel so much better :)

Melody said...

Your family photo in Campus Mag was so adorable! I get it a little later than everyone else because it travels kind of circuitously to get to me. Anyway, I'd love to give you my blog info, but need to do it over email because of the passwording. My email is Hope all is well.